Significant Psychological and Spiritual Advantages of Mindfulness Meditation

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After being introduced from Asia to the West some 40 years ago, mindfulness meditation has become wildly popular. In this short time, it has changed from being practised by a small group of counterculture outliers to its current place as a highly accepted practice in many mainstream settings, including medical, psychology, education, and many others.

Here are just a few of its many significant advantages:

Some Major Spiritual and Psychological Benefits of Mindfulness

1. A powerful method for overcoming compulsions and addictions.

These reactions' subjectively urgent and compelling quality is progressively and methodically diminished by learning how to watch the individual aspects of them attentively, continuously, and while infusing them with equanimity. This results in a proportional reduction in their compelling/addictive effect.

2. Increased performance levels of all kinds.

Any activity carried out by someone who is intensely focused and mindful will typically be accomplished better than chores carried out by someone who is not mindful. A logical extension of this idea is that intense concentration and mindfulness are prerequisites for high-level performance in completing nearly ANY work, but especially those that are inherently difficult and/or call for continuous attention.

3. Better health

The profound soothing it causes in the mind and the deep state of relaxation it nurtures in the body are two of mindfulness' most significant impacts. So it is the best method for managing or reducing stress.

4. Strengthened connections

Increasing one's "presence" is one of fundamental mindfulness practice's most noticeable outcomes. More fulfilling, healthy connections with others—especially intimate relationships—can result from this in a significant way.


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